How to book a session / class for your customers

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When booking a session/class for your customers, if they already have some unused sessions in their accounts that can be used for this session/class, the system will recognize that and automatically book that session/class for your customers by using their account balance. Otherwise, the booking process will lead you to the purchase flow that requires your customers to make a purchase before booking.


- The session / class that your customers want to book is already on your business calendar.

- This customer is already listed on your Customers list.


1 - Log in to your Fitli business account.

- You will see at least 2 sections on the pulldown on the upper right side: "Personal" section and your Business name. Some accounts might also have "Professional" section, depends on your account type.

- Click on your business name on the pulldown to access your business account. This will take you to your business' calendar page, like below.


2 - To open the Session Profile (aka. Session Details), you will click on one of session/class on your calendar.

- Click any one of your classes.

- This will open the Session Profile similar to the one below.


3 - To book this session/class for your clients, click on the "+ ADD PARTICIPANT" button in blue at the bottom.

- This will take you to your Customers list. Click on the "+ ADD TO SESSION" link next to the client's name that you wanted to add to this session.





Two scenarios might happen:

Scenario 1: Client already has some unused sessions in the account that can be used on this session/class.

- Number of sessions remaining (is listed on the upper right hand side).

- In this case, the system will skip the "PACKAGES AND MEMBERSHIPS" and the "PAYMENT" steps and automatically go to the "CONFIRM" step to book the session by using the balance. 

- Click on the "CONFIRM" button to finish this booking process. 



Scenario 2: Client doesn't have any unused session in the account that can be used on this session/class.

In this case, the system will start the purchase process like below:

You will have 2 options:

- Either to book this session with the drop-in price. To do this, click on the "PURCHASE ONLY THIS SESSION FOR $XX.XX"

- Or, choose one of the packages that the business offers. To do this, click on the "PURCHASE" button of the package that you'd want to make the purchase for.


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