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Can I have a customer without an email address?

Occasionally, you may have a client or customer without an email address - maybe they live in the country, are 'between' email addresses, or just eschew technology in general - but they still want to take classes. Of, you want to get the customer quickly added in, and will update their email address later when you have it? Since our site is built around using the email address as the customer's 'login', how do you as a business or a client signup for a Fitli account without an email address? Well, here's how.

Step 1: Choose a Fitli.com email address. We're happy to provide 'placeholder' email addresses for your non-email having customers, simply use the format below:


So, if the customer's name was 'Joe Smith', and your business name was "Hot Yoga", the email address would be:


Step 2: Enter the customer into the 'Customer' section using the placeholder email address you've chosen above

In the Add Customer step, use the email address you've created for your customer. The customer will be 'signed up' and you'll be able to manage their purchase process, book them into classes, etc.

Remember that since this email address doesn't belong to you, or your customer, the notifications, email reminders, billing notifications, etc, will never really go anywhere - well, they actually come to us, but we're not checking every email address! You'll be required to manage the customer's account in FULL. 

If they ever decide to choose a real email address and manage their own account, you can go back into their account by clicking on their 'View Account' and updating the email address in the email address field. They will receive an email prompting them to 'Sign Up' and create/manage their own account!