How can I adjust my appointment availability?

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If you're a trainer or a business owner and want clients to be able to book you in private, one on one appointments, you'll need to set up your "availability". This tells our system when you're free for appointments!

To set up appointment availability, here are the steps you should follow.

Step 1: Head to the Admin section of your Fitli Business account.

First head to the Admin section, click "Business Setup & Customization" on the left and find the user/trainer for whom you'd like to adjust availability.



Step 2: Click "Edit" next to their name, and scroll to the bottom.

Click "Edit" beside your user's name to open their profile. Then, scroll to the bottom and find the "Available for Appointments" on/off (slider). Turn it ON. You'll see another option appear to allow you to choose days and hours for availability.



Step 3: Use the pulldown menus to choose the days of the week and hours you are available.

After turning ON your appointment availability, use the "Day" and "From" and "To" menus to choose the availability of the user you are configuring.

For example, if Coach Hana is available on Mondays from 9am to 4pm, you'd choose, "Monday", with the FROM being 9am, and the TO being 4pm. Then click "ADD WORK HOURS".  


Also, you can do split availability, by adding a break. Just select Monday from 9am to noon. Then, choose a new FROM and TO time with Monday still selected. Say, 1pm to 5pm. Click "Add Work Hours" again and you've got TWO availability spots on the same day now!



Step 4: Choose Your Appointment Services.

Once you've set your availability, use the "Services" pull down to choose the available SERVICES that this user/trainer can be booked for. If you leave it not set, the system will default to making the trainer bookable for all appointment types.

This is useful if you have different trainers teaching different appointment types. Say that Coach Hana does Free Consultation - Dorado Location, Roxy does Free Consultation - Greendale Location, etc etc. You can individually define which appointment types each trainer does!




Click SAVE at the bottom to save updates to your user/trainer.


Now, you and your clients can start booking appointments!

Note: The system automatically "deconflicts" your booked classes or appointments with your set availability. This means that if you're booked into another class or appointment, the system will know this and make you unavailable for bookings. Also, "Professional" profiles are built to be used across multiple businesses. If you have more than one business and you're booked into a class or appointment for Business X, the system will know this and make you unavailable for bookings for Business Y on the same time slot. If you find that you're not available for bookings when you think you should be, check your scheduled classes/appointments for Business X and Business Y, assign the session to another instructor, increase your availability for more options to book or add another user account for yourself using a different email address.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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