Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 1 - How does it Work?)

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STEP 1 - RELATIONSHIPS - How do they work, what is it, and some definitions.

Before we get into the fun part of relationships, let's define some terms and explain what it's all about.

RELATIONSHIPS allows for sub-accounts or "child" accounts to be added to a client's full account. Purchased packages that are set to "Shareble" can then be shared by clients and relationships added to their accounts. This means that you and your clients can book the "child" accounts into classes or appointments using the shared package. This is great for families, friends, groups, etc.



Main client account: This is the client's main account. It controls most of the settings of their linked relationship account.

"Relationships" accounts: These accounts are linked to the main account, think of a child or a friend, family membership. It inherits most of the information from the main client account, including the email address and phone number. Child accounts also have a "relationship" type that you can define, such as child, spouse, friend, family, other, to help you define who that person's relationship is to the main account.

Package Sharing: You can individually turn ON or OFF the sharing of specific packages for clients. If turned ON, then you and your clients can book themselves and their relationships into a class/appointment using that shared package. If turned OFF, then you and your clients can NOT book the relationship/s into a class/appointment using that shared package. Even packages purchased in the past can be shared with this feature, or you can limit the sharing to NEW purchases of packages.

Example: Joe Smith (parent) has a child (Cindy Lou). Joe purchased a 10-pack of yoga classes. With the shared package turned ON, Joe and his business can book himself and Cindy into a yoga class, using 1 session for himself and 1 session for Cindy from the purchased package of 10 classes. 



The typical process for setting up relationships is as follows, we'll review each step in detail later.

1 - Turn on the specific packages you want to allow sharing for and choose if you want to allow previously purchased packages to be shared, or limit sharing to new purchases only.

2 - You can then add relationships to your clients' accounts OR allow them to add the relationships to their own accounts.

3 - You and your client can book themselves and/or their relationships into the classes or appointments using the shared package.

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