Direct Appointment Booking Link

1 min. readlast update: 02.20.2024

Your clients can begin the appointment booking process more quickly with the "Appointment Link".

To find your unique appointment booking link:

1 - Head to the "Admin" section. 

2 - Then click "Business Tools" on the left side under "Business Setup & Customization". 

3 - Then find the "Appointment Link" section.

This URL is your business-specific appointment booking link! Just click the "copy" icon on the right side of the URL to copy your link, then use it in emails, on your business website, social media, wherever you'd like!


You can also customize your appointment link by using the pulldowns for services, professionals and locations.


Your clients will see the following page, specific to your business, to book appointments more quickly!


That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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