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You can control/limit what package/memberships or services promotions can be used on and/or limit how many times it can be used!

Each option will be available on the "Add Promotion" and "Edit Promotion" views. Let's discuss each section briefly.


Limit the Promotion for Packages/Memberships or Services


This section will allow you to limit the packages and/or services you want to apply the promo on. Turning the slider on will give you several options. You can click the pulldowns for Single Purchase packages, Auto-Renewing packages, and services and select those you want to apply your promotion for. Clicking "Select All" on the pulldowns will select everything on each category. Not selecting anything will not allow you or your customer to purchase the packages/services with the specific promo code.


You'll notice under "Packages/Memberships (Auto Renew)" there are several options. You can select only one option, it will not allow you to select 2 or more at a time.


Initial charge only - selecting this means that the promo code will ONLY apply on the very FIRST charge of an auto-renewing package. Succeeding charges will be charged the full price (no deduction or discount). This is a great way to provide a client with a SINGLE, first purchase discount.

Ongoing indefinitely - selecting this means that the price is discounted at the time of purchase and never changes until cancellation, applying to EACH auto-renewing purchase until canceled.

Ongoing for X periods - selecting this means that the promo code will be applied for as many periods as indicated. Where X is the number of days or months when the auto-renewing membership will renew.  After those periods, the full price will be charged. The first charge counts toward this count. Eg. If you have a monthly auto-renewing package, the promo will apply monthly until cancellation.

Ongoing until X Date - The discount will continue to be applied until 12:01 AM the day after that date in the business customers' local time. Eg. If you enter 9/30/2019, the promo code will still apply until 12:01 AM of 10/01/19.


Remember, that if a promo code without any limitation has been applied to an auto-renewing membership/package purchase, it will set the price for the future recurring payments unless canceled.


Limit how many times the promotion can be used


This section will allow you to limit the number of times your clients can use the promo code, how many total number of uses it can be used by your entire client base and limit its use to new customers only.

IMPORTANT: For auto-renewing memberships, when you limit it to one purchase, this means one purchase of the auto-renewing membership but the promo would apply to all renewals of the membership. If you want to limit the promo code to only be good for the initial charge of an auto-renewing membership, you would need to be sure to use the setting that limits it to the "Initial charge only" of the auto-renewing membership AND only good for one purchase. (Assuming that you don't want your clients to be able to re-purchase the auto-renewing membership at a discount.)


Limit to X uses per customer - This section allows you to enter how many times your client can use a promo code. Not entering a number would allow your clients to use the promo code multiple times. Note: Entering 0 would not allow your clients to use the promo code and only whole numbers should be entered.

Expires after X total uses - This section allows you to limit the number of times a promo code can be used by your entire client base. Beside it, you'll see how many times it is used already. If no one has used it, it will show "0 of X remaining". In the example below, each client is allowed to use the promo code once and the business limits its use for 20 times only. You'll notice that the promo code has been used for 3 times already. Once you reach the limit, you and your clients won't be able to use the promo code and it will automatically expire. Screenshots below.  









Limit to new customers only - Checking the tick box will only allow your NEW customers to use this promo code on their FIRST purchase. Meaning, they WOULD have not purchased anything yet. Those who already made a purchase won't be able to use the promo code. Notice that the Limit to X uses per customer section is disabled since this option is for first purchases only. You can, however, enter a number under Expires after X total uses to limit the number of times the promo code can be used. Screenshot below.



Whenever you encounter the error message that the promotion or promo code is invalid or expired, check first if you're entering the correct promo code.

Note that the code is a unique promotion code that consumers (or you) use to apply on purchase transactions. This code is generated by the system after the title is entered but this code can be modified if you'd like. The promotion "CODE" is the code you'll provide to your customers to actually use the code!

If you're sure that you have the right promo code and is still encountering the error message, check your promotions configuration. 

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