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How do I view my professional or business reviews on Fitli?

Here at Fitli, we're all about promoting positive classes, amazing instructors and businesses. That's where reviews come in. Each time a client or customer takes a class or books a session, we prompt them with a review popup the next time they visit the site or on the app. Then, when you're getting reviews, you can take a look and see how you're doing and what your clients think of you and your business. Here's how to take a look at your reviews.

If you're a business:

Let's say you've gotten an email telling you that a client left you a new review. First, log into your Fitli business account. Then, head to the 'Reports' section. Click on the 'Reviews Received' section on the left. You'll see your reviews listed on the right side.


If you've got a message saying you've received a professional review, first login to your Fitli trainer account. Then, in the upper right corner menu, make sure you've selected your Professional account.


After choosing your Professional account, click the 'View Reports' option on the top menu. At the left, click 'Reviews Received' to see your list of professional reviews!


Thanks and if you have any questions about your reviews, contact us at support@fitli.com  

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