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How to add 'Schedule Now' buttons linking to your Classes and Appointments?

Adding 'Schedule Now' CTA buttons

Link to classes or appointment:

Another option your business has to promote/schedule your classes and appointments is to use a 'Book Now' or 'Schedule Now' call to action button on your site. You can link directly to a fitli class, appointment, or a day/week/month view. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Either use an existing 'Book Now', 'Schedule Now' button in use on your website, make a custom one, or ask us to make one, it's all included in your fitli account. Many hosting providers have an easy ability to 'Add a button'. Then, you just supply the URL or website to link to. Here's an example of a button we offer for you to use:


Step 2: Add the link. You'll use the SAME link as you did in the embedded calendar section above. Head to your 'Business Tools' section, and click the copy icon beside the "Book Link" section. It will look something like this:


Use the above link as the "src" for the Schedule Now image to link to. Here's an example of a Schedule Now button linking to a demo calendar page:


You can also link to the 'Week' view:


 Links to specific classes:

 If you'd like to get the link for a specific class, just click the class on your calendar and click the copy icon beside the class' title. 


Where you are using your 'Book Now' or 'Schedule Now' button, use the link you copied above for the "src". You can use this link for the button on your Facebook page, Twitter post, or email to your customers!

Here's an example of the 'Schedule Now' button linked to the above class:


If you need help linking your classes with booking/scheduling buttons, finding button images, help on your business webpage, contact support@fitli.com for more help!