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More about Bookings Report!


The Bookings Report has 2 sections: Bookings Report By Transaction and By Service.

Bookings Report By Transaction



Bookings Report By Service









Search Box, Pulldowns and Pagination:

You can search/filter by using the pulldowns at the top of each section. Both sections default to the "Month to Date" view. You can filter your search by clicking any of the options on the pulldowns. 

You can search for any text included in the Sales Report. Just click "View All" to return to the main Bookings Report section and start over. Note that the "View All" button will only appear if you used the search box. You can click on each of the headers to sort by that title (click on the name, date/last activity, etc etc to ascend and descend sort), or use the "Search" box to search your Bookings Report and pagination! 

Note: Pagination will only display if you have a lot of bookings.


For pagination, it will be easier to toggle from one page to another as it is at the top of the Bookings Report By Transaction section and you'll see the total "X" items (X bookings and X refunds). On the Bookings Report By Service section, you'll see the total Attended Qty, Attended Revenue, No Show Qty, No Show Revenue, Booked Qty and Total Revenue.

Note: Pagination will only display if you have a lot of bookings. 

Sortable Columns:

You can click on any column name to sort by the column header you clicked on! Clicking on any header sorts the Bookings Report in ascending, then descending order by clicking it again.  

You can check the "Action By" column, so you can see WHO completed the booking - was it you, a trainer, or the client themselves?

Clickable content:

The Bookings Report By Transaction section is the only section on the Bookings Report that has clickable contents. If you need to know more about the session profile, click on the session. If you need to check or update your professional's profile, just click your professional's name. If you need to view your client's profile, just click your client's name. Depending on who booked the session, you can click on the name under the Action by column to check your client's or professional's profile.

Popups show you more information about the session profile, professional and client's profiles. 


To export, click "Export" on the right side. The .csv file will be automatically downloaded. You can use your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to open the downloaded .csv file, or you can copy the data and paste it to a Google Spreadsheet. You can edit the sheet or use the filter function of your favorite spreadsheet program to filter the data you need. 

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