Business 'Leads' for New Client Accounts

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There's another category of client called "Leads", that are viewable in your Customers List. Those clients that sign up on the web via your schedule/calendar, from the app, or from your website's embedded calendar are added to your Customers List as "Leads". You can view those leads DIRECTLY in the Customers List.

A "lead" is a customer who has signed up from your portal (schedule and/or calendar page), but has NOT made any purchase or booked a class.

When a lead signs up, you, the business, receive an email to your business email address letting you know who signed up, their name and email so you can reach out!


Head to your Customer List

First, head to your Customers List, and click on the "Type" column header. This will sort your customer list by client (customers who have booked, scheduled or paid) and leads (interested customers who haven't booked, paid or scheduled yet)

You can click "Type" to sort by client type. The list will first sort ascending, showing leads last. Click "Type" again to sort descending, with "Leads" showing up first.




Your new leads will show up at the top of the list. Click to send them a message, etc. Once they make a purchase or booking, or become a relationship to another account, they'll convert from a "lead" to a "client".


To add a "lead" to a class or make a purchase, just search for the client as you typically would. You can also specify if you're searching for clients or by leads.


Then use the "Add to Session" or "Purchase" links to convert the customer to a full client!

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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