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As a business, it is important to have your clients accept a waiver prior to purchasing a package/membership or booking a class or an appointment. This will let you know that your clients accept your company's terms and conditions.

If you have a requirement for your customers to read, or accept a waiver, you can set this up easily in the Waiver Configuration section. You'll find this section in the "Admin" page of your Fitli business account.

First, head to the "Admin" page of your Fitli business account as shown in the screenshot below. Then, click on "Business Setup & Customization" and "Customer Onboarding" on the left side menu.


1 -To require clients to have to accept a waiver, turn ON the first option.

2 -To require clients to have to click the link to review the waiver, turn ON the second option. Note: You can turn ON both options at the same time.

 Then, you have two options to present your waiver to your customer.

2A - PRESENT WAIVER WITHIN APPLICATION: You can host and display it on the Fitli site/app. To do this, just copy and paste the content, along with a title, in the Waiver text boxes then hit save as shown below.


You can click the PREVIEW button to show how would the waiver look like on your customers' end.


 When it's good to go, click CLOSE and SAVE.





 A message at the top will confirm that you've successfully updated your waiver.


This is how will your configuration look on the "Make Purchase" screen. In the example below, the customer tried to confirm the purchase but is prompted to accept the waiver first.


Then, the customer accepted the waiver and clicked the waiver link. The waiver pop-up appeared as expected. Your client would need to read, click close then confirm payment. This is how will your waiver look if you choose to present it within the application.


2B - LINK EXTERNAL WAIVER ON NEW BROWSER:  You can link to your waiver offsite, in the cloud, on your website, etc. Just enter the waiver link on the waiver link field then hit save. Note: Please make sure it starts with http:// or https:// or you'll encounter an error prompting you to follow the correct format.


Once your client accepts the waiver, you will see the slider for "Accepted Waiver" and/or "Clicked Waiver" turned on with the date when it got clicked/accepted. This appears in the client's personal profile in the "Customers" page.


Note that if YOU, the business, make a purchase for your customers, you won't be prompted to accept the waiver on their behalf. The waiver ONLY appears during the first purchase the CUSTOMER makes. However, if the client has accepted the waiver in person, you CAN accept the waiver on their behalf and/or manually set the "accepted waiver" option in their account. This is typically for clients who sign a waiver form in person at the studio.

 Commonly Asked Questions: 

Q: Am I required to set-up a waiver for my business? 

A: The answer is NO. But, it is important as stated above.

Q: Is it possible for my clients to accept the waiver without booking or making a purchase? 

A: Within the platform, the answer is NO. What you can do is to have them sign/read the waiver on their first visit. Once they accepted it, you can go to their profile and click the slider/s for "Accepted Waiver" and/or "Clicked Waiver".

Q: Can I have my customers sign' the waiver electronically? 

A: Unfortunately, the waiver has no e-signature integration, however, we've found that having clients read the waiver and check the waiver acceptance box will suffice for having accepted the waiver for your business. If you require full e-signature integration, other options are available via third-parties.

That's about it! Any questions? Contact us here at support@fitli.com or connect via chat on the Fitli site.  

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