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Calendar/Schedule List View

We've have a 'LIST' style view for your classes and appointments, where you can see a clean, organized schedule. This list view looks great when you're embedding your calendar/schedule on your business' website.

To start with the List view, choose the 'List' option on the right side of the menu bar, just below your name and above the calendar view.


 When you choose the 'List' view, you'll see your classes are organized by date and time. Each class can be clicked on and edited in the session page, just like before.


 When viewing your 'public' schedule of classes as clients would see it (minus seeing your name and photo in the upper right corner - that's for you only!), buttons are available to initiate same action as button on the inside of the session profile. 


 Also, Fitli remembers which view you were previously viewing, so if you left off at the List view, when you return, you'll be back at the list view!

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com