Why can't I book into a class, or why can't my clients book?

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There are a few reasons why this might be occurring, here's the common reasons and the solutions.


Asking You to Pay?

If you're sure you have a membership, package or sessions on your account, but you're getting a message to pay or upgrade in order to book, the likely reason is your membership EXPIRES prior to the date you're trying to book.

To find out when your membership expires, you can check either your "Account Balance" section of your Personal Profile, or, if you're a business, you can check the client's account page. There, you'll see an expiration date. Screenshots below.

Account Balance (Personal):


View Account page (Business):


For example, if you're trying to book a class on May 24, 2023, but your membership expires on 5/23/2023 , our system will recognize that your membership has expired - and ask you to pay by choosing a new membership or renewing your current one.

If you think there's a discrepancy in your membership's expiration, contact the business you purchased your membership from, and you can work with them to resolve any questions.


Don't See The Time Slot you Want?

If you're a business trying to book an appointment with a client, or a client trying to book with a business, but you don't see the desired time slot, there are a few reasons this could occur.

  1. The time slot is already taken up by another appointment or class.
  2. The time slot isn't set up by the business in their "available hours".

If you're a client, and you don't see the time slot you want - just contact the business via email or phone and ask them to check into this.

If you're a business, and you don't see a time slot that you believe should be appearing, read our Guide on how to Set Up Availability for Appointments - it's likely that time slot isn't configured.


Your Package/Membership doesn't have the Correct Classes or Appointments

If you're a client who purchased a membership/package, or a business that setup a package for a client, and you're not seeing the correct services in the package - it's likely a configuration issue. During the setup process for packages and memberships, you choose which SERVICES should be included in each PACKAGE. If this information isn't correct - then the client could end up not having access to the classes and appointments you think they should have.

To check which SERVICES are included in each PACKAGE, head to the "Products & Services" > "Packages & Memberships" section, then choose the "Edit" button next to the package you're interested in.

Then, under the pulldown menu for "Services", you should see a listing of which services are included in that package.


In the screenshot above, the "Monthly 10" package, includes the services 3 Day Retreat and Advanced Yoga - it doesn't include anything else. If this doesn't look right, you can uncheck the box beside each service that doesn't belong or check the other services to add more services. Then, click SAVE at the bottom, and that package will be updated to include the new service/s!

If you have any questions about your memberships as a customer, contact the business you're signed up with - they can help! Or, if you're a business, contact us at support@fitli.com and we can help with service and package setup!

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