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How can I check my Account Balance and/or my next Charge Date?

Checking your account balance (also known as remaining sessions) and/or next bill/charge date is easy. Here's how.

Login to your fitli account and go to the 'Reports' section at the top. You'll be directed to the 'Account Balance' section. (See screenshot below)


In this example, the customer has 10 sessions remaining for the "Pilates Class" for one business. It will not auto-renew since there's an expiration date, hence, it's not under 'Auto-Renewing Plans'.

On the same page, you will see the next charge date for the customer's auto-renewing membership under Auto-Renewing Plans' for another business. As you can see, the customer's "Cardio Exercises" plan will auto-renew on 5/18/2020. You can also check the number of sessions remaining under '#Sessions' column, whether it's unlimited or limited.

Basically, if there is a next charge date, the plan is on auto-renewal. If there is an expiration date, the plan is not on auto-renewal.

That's it! Any questions? Send us an email at support@fitli.com or chat with us.