How do I change the date or time of a session?

2 min. readlast update: 02.23.2024

You can change the date or time of a class, as long as no participants are booked into the class. To do this, you will simply select the session you wish to update from the calendar. Once you are in the Session Profile view, you will be able to update the date or time at the top of the screen. Once you have updated the date and/or time of the session, be sure to hit SAVE to save your changes. 


Once a session has at least one participant booked in, these fields will no longer be editable.


If you would like to change the time of a class that has participants already booked in, you can either withdraw all participants from the class by clicking "Withdraw" next to each participants name and confirming the action (which will make the session able to be edited again), or you can cancel the class (which will automatically withdraw all participants from the session) and reschedule it on the calendar. 

Either of these options will result in an automatic notification going out to the participants of the session letting them know they have been withdrawn from the session or that the class has been canceled. As this will be a generic email notification, you may want to consider sending a message to all participants of the session, prior to withdrawing them or canceling the session to let them know that the class will be rescheduled. 


At this time, the date or time of an appointment cannot be updated from the session profile. Appointments have to be canceled and then rescheduled using the appointment booking process, either by the client or the business. 

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