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How reliable is Fitli? Does the Fitli site ever not work or have downtime? If Fitli isn't working, how can I tell?

Just like with every website, there are always times when things might not work (Internet backbone issues, etc), but due to the hard work of the Fitli team, we can boast 99.99% uptime and reliability. When we do system upgrades for new features and fixes, we typically do them in the middle of the night or off-peak times.

We understand you rely upon Fitli for your business, please check this link to view Fitli's current system status.

If your connection to Fitli isn't working, please try restarting both your browser and your computer, and check your Internet settings. Typically, if you can't get to either Fitli or another site, it's your Internet connection. Worst case, reach out to our support team via chat or email us at support@fitli.com.

-Fitli Team

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