iOs App: How do I cancel or unbook a class?

2 min. readlast update: 04.24.2024

Are you a customer or client of a business, signed up for a session, and need to cancel or unbook your class or appointment? Here's how!

First, log in to your Fitli account. 


Then, navigate to your calendar by tapping the "Schedule" tab at the bottom to view any upcoming classes or appointments.

Choose the date on the calendar you've scheduled your class or appointment for.  

Tip: Look for the dates with the orange dots below the number, these dates have scheduled sessions! Tap on that date. 

Tap the session on the "Selected Date" or any "Upcoming Sessions" menu to open its profile. 

To cancel, tap the 'WITHDRAW' blue button to confirm your cancellation from the class or appointment. 

Note: Depending on the cancellation policy of the business, you may or may not be able to do this. If you get a message saying, "Sorry, contact the business", you will need to contact the business directly and ask for assistance. Otherwise, you'll see the "Book Session" blue button, and receive a notification confirming your cancellation. You will also receive a refund or a credit for the session back in to your Fitli account balance a.k.a. Session Bank, that you can use for future bookings.





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