iOs App: What happens if I try to purchase a duplicate auto-renewing membership?

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This feature will help prevent you from duplicating purchases of auto-renewing packages of the same kind. This would only work if you have an existing auto-renewing package that is un-expired on your "Session Bank" and you’re trying to purchase a similar package during the booking/purchase flow.

In the example below, the client has an existing auto-renewing 10 Pack membership on his "Session Bank" on the "More" page.





How does it work? 

During the booking or purchase flow, a warning message will pop up after you tap the purchase button.  

Note: The warning message will only appear if you’re trying to make a duplicative purchase of an existing un-expired auto-renewing membership you already have. The warning message will not appear if you’re trying to purchase a different auto-renewing membership.


You can override this by tapping the checkbox and the confirm button as shown below. If you don’t want to continue, tap "Nevermind."


If you want to proceed, complete the booking/purchase flow like normal. When done, you’ll see the old and the new packages on your "Session Bank."



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Commonly Asked Questions: 

Q: Why did the app prompt me to make a purchase when I tried to book myself into a session if I already have an existing auto-renewing membership? 

A: The app will only allow you to use your balance for booking if the session you’re trying to book is applicable to your balance. Additionally, if you have an auto-renewing membership that is limited in session quantity, it is possible for you to use all available sessions before your next renewal date. If that happens and you attempt to book a session that you would normally be able to book using your membership, it will prompt you to make a purchase. If you don’t want to make a duplicative purchase, contact the business you’ve signed up for for more information. 

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