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Kiosk Self Check-In: Client Guide

You can check-in yourself into your booked classes to save time!


To check yourself into your class, there are a few basic requirements:

You must be booked into the class prior to checking in
The time must be within 120 minutes of the class starting
The business needs to have 'Enable Kiosk Check-In' turned on

How to Check-In

From either your computer/laptop or from a computer/laptop/phone/tablet at the studio, head to the URL/Link provided by the business. Once there, you should see the following screen with the business name you're looking to check into.


Step 1: Start typing your LAST NAME into the search box, and click 'Search' after entering any part of your last name


If you have relationships, select who you want to check-in and hit 'CONFIRM'.


Step 2: Find Your Class Booking

If we can't find a booking that matches your name, you'll see a 'No bookings found' message. Check with your business to make sure you're booked.


If we DO find your name booked into an upcoming class, click the option next to your name, and then click 'Confirm'.

 Step 3: Find Your Name

 Step 4: Choose and Confirm Your Session

Once our system locates a match for your upcoming class, you'll see the description, date, and time. Make sure this information matches, then click the 'Check In' button to check yourself into the class!


Step 5: Check-In!

That's it, you're checked-in!!


You're now checked into the class and the business will have a record of your check-in. ย Great job!