Mobile version: Can I get a receipt of my purchase with my name on it?

2 min. readlast update: 03.11.2024

If you need a statement/invoice/receipt, summary of charges, etc, showing all your transactions/charges/purchases so you can be reimbursed for work, insurance, or to just have a record for it, there are 3 options to receive this information.

1 - Use the email you received from us.

Whenever you purchase a package or a service, you will receive an automated message from us with details of the purchase: name of your business, logo, package or service name, dollar amount, etc. This email notification will serve as a receipt or a proof of your purchase. (See screenshot below)



2 - Log in to your account and use "Purchase History".

You can show your "Purchase History" as proof. To do this, go to "Reports" on the top menu and then tap "Purchase History" on the pulldown. Scroll up until you find the transaction you need, take a screenshot of it and save/print it. You may use your photo editor to crop it if you intend to show one or two transactions only.





3 - Contact your Business

You may contact your business directly so they can give you a proof of your purchase. For sure they have a personalized receipt that they can provide to you with their business name, address, phone number, company logo, transaction details, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or chat with us.

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