Mobile version: How do I cancel or unbook a class?

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Are you a customer or client of a business, signed up for a session, and need to cancel or unbook your class or appointment? Here's how! 

First, log in to your Fitli personal account. You'll typically be taken directly to your schedule/calendar, where you can view any and all upcoming classes or appointments you have.

Check your "At A Glance" and your "Schedule".


As you can see from the screenshot above, we conveniently show "At a Glance", any upcoming classes or appointments. Also, you'll see the class, showing up on the calendar.

Cancel the Class

To cancel or unbook yourself from the class/appointment, tap on the class/appointment from your calendar. You'll get a "Session Profile" popup, with the details of the class/appointment.


Then, scroll up and look for the "Withdraw" link below your name under Attendees. Tap it and you'll be prompted to accept the cancellation.


Tap "Confirm", and you'll immediately be removed/canceled from the class/appointment. You will also receive a confirmation email of your cancellation and the business will be notified. You will also receive a refund or a credit for the session back into your Fitli account balance that you can use for future bookings.

Note: If the business has set/defined a "cancellation policy" (such as no cancellations within 24 hours) and you are trying to cancel WITHIN this policy, you may not be able to cancel. In that case, contact the business directly.


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