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This feature would allow your studio or trainer to send you payment requests for bookings, packages, retail products, and/or miscellaneous charges.

After a business on Fitli has sent a payment request to your email, you will simply open the business' payment request email in your inbox. Note: If you can't see the email on your inbox, please check your junk and/or spam folders for the email.

In this example, the business sent a payment request for a class. The details of the class and the price of the package are included in the email. Tap the PAY NOW button or the link at the bottom.


At this point, you'll be directed to the Fitli site. If you don't have an account tap the "Sign Up For FREE" button and complete the registration process. Otherwise, you will just need to log in to your account.


Once logged in, you'll be directed to the "Make Purchase" screen. Scroll up, enter your payment information if it is not already saved to your account or select which card on file you would like to use to make the purchase. Then, tap next. 

Note: If your business gave you a promo code, enter it on the Promotion Code field, tap APPLY, wait for it to refresh and tap NEXT.






When done, you'll get 2 notifications. One for the purchase and one for the booking. If the payment request does not involve a  booking, (meaning the request is for payment of a package, membership, retail product or miscellaneous charge) you'll only get one email to confirm the purchase, similar to the one below.

 Payment Confirmation Email  


Booking Confirmation Email  


You'll also see your booked session on your calendar and your payment on your purchase history.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: I would like to book again or make another purchase so I tapped the PAY NOW button but the site says that it's already been paid. What should I do?

A: The link will only be good until payment for that particular purchase is made. Since you already paid for it, the site prompted you that the payment request has been completed. To complete a new booking or make a new purchase, please do so by visiting the business' public calendar on, or the Fitli iOs app, or through an embedded portal on the business' website, if applicable. You may also contact your preferred business directly or reach out to if you have any questions about how to initiate a booking or purchase with a business on Fitli. 

Q: My friend wants to join the class. I sent her the payment request email but she's prompted that it's already paid. What happened?

A: The payment request is only good for the client it was sent to. She should log in or create an account with Fitli to book into the session and make a payment or contact your business directly for assistance.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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