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Promotion codes are discount codes provided by your business that allow you to purchase/book at a discounted rate. These discounts can be in the form of EITHER:

1 - A percentage discount (50% off, etc).

2 - A dollar amount discount ($10 off, etc).

To check your business' available promos/discounts, tap "Book Activity" at the top and then the "View Specials" button of your business. You'll see their offers on the "Promotions" modal  similar to the one below. 

Note: Not all businesses offer promos/discounts. Some have them but choose not to make it available to the public. Businesses have the right to put limitations to their promos/discounts. For more info, contact your business directly.


How to Use Promo Codes?

First, log in to your account then go to "Book Activity".

You can either select an item to purchase by tapping the "Make Purchase" button or book a session by tapping the "View Schedule" button. In the example below, let's book a session by purchasing the drop-in price.

On the "Make Purchase" screen, scroll up, enter the promo code on the "Promotion Code" field then hit APPLY. The price will be automatically calculated showing the deduction and the discounted total price. Tap NEXT > CONFIRM and CLOSE.

A confirmation will appear at the top that you successfully paid and booked the class.

If you see an error after applying the promo code similar to the one below, make sure you have the correct promo code. The "Promotion Code" field is case sensitive. If you're sure you entered the correct promo code, contact your business directly for more info.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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