Mobile version: Need Help Logging Into Fitli?

3 min. readlast update: 05.07.2024

Some users might have issues logging into their Fitli account. Maybe it's a particular browser you're using, or an incorrectly typed password, or a popup blocker, overzealous spam filter - we get it! Here are some common problems and solutions to get you logged in and getting fit!

Q: I don't remember my password! Help!

A: If you need to reset your password, tap here to reset it from our password reset page.

Or, from the log in page, tap the "?" to visit the password reset page.


Then, enter your email address and tap "Submit" to receive a password reset email.


Just enter the email address you've registered with, and you'll receive an email to tap a link/button to create a new password.

Q: How can I reset my password?

A: Tap here to request a password reset email.

Once you receive the password reset email, shown in the image below, tap the "Reset Password" button or link to visit the secure password reset page.


Then, enter a new password to set it in your account, re-enter it to confirm and hit SUBMIT!


Q: I tried resetting my password but the email is blank or doesn't have any links/buttons. What should I do?

A: Some email programs strip out the links and/or images from our emails, thinking they might be spam or malicious (they aren't!). But that makes it difficult to reset your password. Try forwarding your email to another email address/account, or open it on another device or mobile phone. Alternatively, you can contact us at, or chat using the chat button on the bottom right and ask us to reset your password.

Q: I tried logging in with my email address, but it's not working.


A: If you're getting an error like the one above, then something isn't matching up. Either the email address you've entered as your login isn't the same as what you signed up with, or your password isn't correct. Try resetting your password here.

Q: I tried resetting my password, but I'm getting an error message.


A: If you're seeing the "No user was found with that email" error above, then the email address you entered to reset your password doesn't match up with an account in our system. Check the spelling of your email address and try again. Alternatively, try contacting us at

Q: Can you save my email address and password so I don't have to keep typing it?

A: Currently we don't provide an option to save your email and password for security reasons, but most current browsers allow the option to save your login information securely in the browser. Choose that option, then next time you visit Fitli, your login and password should be saved!

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