Step 3: Add Your Services to Your Calendar

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Now that you've created your first service (either a class or an appointment) and your first package, you're wondering, "Great, but HOW do I get that class onto my calendar?" Well, it's easy!

Step 1: Head to your schedule/calendar.

First, let's head back to your schedule/calendar. Click on "Calendar" on the top toolbar. You should see a blank schedule/calendar similar to what you see below.



Step 2: Click on the calendar where you want to ADD the class/appointment.

Now that you're looking at your blank calendar, find a day/time where you want to add your first class. Find the intersection of the column (day) and the row (time), and click or tap on it, depending on if you're on a computer or tablet. For the purposes of this guide, I've clicked on the 6am spot on Thursday.



Step 3: Choose the Type of Service you want to add to the calendar.

The system will recognize your click or tap, and take you to the next step, asking you WHAT you want to add. There are three options for what type of item you want to add:

Appointment: This allows you to choose adding a private, one-on-one session to your calendar.

Blocked Time: This allows you to choose adding a private, non-bookable time to your calendar or schedule. This is a shortcut way to block out some time on your schedule where you CANNOT be booked.

Class: This allows you to add a group class to your schedule. It's the most common thing you'll do from this section, let's choose "Class" now.

Step 4: Choose your Class options.

Once you've chosen class, the menu options on the screen change to allow you to select which service, instructor/professional and facility you wish to use.

Service: In the first pulldown menu, we've chosen to add the "Pilates Class" that we created in the last step.


Professional: In the second pulldown menu, we've chosen Coach Hana as our instructor/trainer for this class. These names are pulled directly from the "Users" list in the "Admin" section (from Step 1 of this setup guide).


Facility: In the third pulldown menu, we've chosen the facility 'Bicentennial Park' that we created in the "Admin" section, under "Facilities". This specifies WHERE the class is held.


Date/Time: If you recall, we clicked on the 6am time slot for Thursday on the calendar. The system figured this out, so it automatically fills in the 6am time slot for us. And, since we set the class to be 45 minutes long, it knows the end time is 6:45am!


Capacity: The capacity is adjustable for each class, and dictates how many clients can signup for this class. Each class can have a different capacity, but you can only set 1 capacity per class creation process. To edit a class capacity, you have to go into each separate class and edit the capacity.

Waitlist: If you've got a busy class, you can turn on the "Enable waitlist?" slider, which will allow you to have an "overflow" capacity for clients that want to be added if a spot opens up. Read more about Waitlist in our Waitlist Setup Guide.


Repeating Sessions: Repeating sessions allows you to enter MULTIPLE classes occurring at the SAME TIME, but on different dates with one click. In the scenario below, we're choosing to add 3 classes a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).


Frequency: How often - in this case, weekly (every week). You can also choose daily or monthly "Every 1" - In this case, add the classes every 1 week, or every week. "Last Date" is the "stop" date. Maybe you have a summer special class or a winter event that you only want to run through a certain date. This is how you can set up an ending date for your classes. Please don't enter 2099.

Step 5: Click "Create Class".

When you're done choosing your class options, click "Create Class" at the bottom. In a few seconds, your class, or multiple classes will be created on the schedule. You'll see a confirmation message in the middle of the screen, shown below.



Step 6: Return to your Calendar to Check your Work.

To return to your calendar, click the "Calendar" button on the top. You'll see the classes you just created now show up on the calendar.


Now you've got your class schedule started - continue through this process to get the rest of your class schedule created.

-> Now, on to Step 4 of the Setup Guide - Add Your Customers or Import your List

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