Step 4: Add Your Clients or Have us Import Them

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Now that you've got your services and packages created, and have your classes added to your schedule, you're probably wondering, "But wait, I don't have any customers!" You're right, let's get them added! Your customer list, or customer database, is the one place where you can view, manage and control all your customer information - from personal contact and account information to viewing their history, make purchases, and adding new clients.

You've got two options to add customers into your Customers list on Fitli:

Option 1: You can manually enter your client list. This is a great option if you have a small customer list or want to make sure only your best clients get added into your Fitli customer list. Good for small businesses.

Option 2: You can provide us with a customer list, typically exported from another software program like MINDBODY, Zen Planner, or a mailing list or email list.


Option 1 - Adding Clients Manually

Step 1: Head to your Customer section.

Click the "Customers" link at the top in the toolbar to be taken to your customer list.  

To add a new customer to your customer list, click the "+ Add Customer" button in the upper right.


Step 2: Add a new customer.


Then, choose the "+ Add New Customer" button. The left side, can be used to search existing Fitli users if you had a client previously signup with Fitli. Otherwise, use the "+ Add New Customer" button to add your client to your Customers list.

Step 3: Enter the basic Customer Information.

All that is REQUIRED to enter a new customer is the client's first name, last name and email address. But, if you have more information, it's a great time to add it! 

Note: The email address should be 39 characters or less.

Once you click the SAVE button highlighted at the bottom, your client will receive a personalized invitation to join Fitli as a client of your business. They will click a link/button in the email, then be able to complete their personal account and fill in the rest of his client information!

When adding a new customer, you're required to enter at least 2 characters for both the first and last names.



Step 4 - Other Client Information Options.

Now that we've added your client into the Customers list, we can see several other options that are now available to us. You can see that next to his name, we show various items relating to his customer account, including his name, email address and phone number. There are also links to "View", "Purchase" and view his account "History".


View: View your client's information, similar to the screen we showed when creating his account.

Purchase: This takes you into the purchase process, to allow you to make a purchase of a package/membership/retail products for your client.

History: View your client's previously attended classes (but not upcoming classes not yet attended).

Now you've got your first client added to your Customers list, that's awesome! The next step is to continue through your Customers list, adding each client you have. Or, you can continue to Option #2, and have us import your list.


Option 2 - Have Fitli Import Your List

If you have an existing customer list you'd like us to add, simply email it to us here at

You can provide us a mailing list, Excel spreadsheet, .csv file, any type of file that contains the information we need to add your customers.

Note: The email address should be 39 characters or less.

Here's an example of the information needed to add your customers:

First name, Last name, Email address, Mobile phone number

Joe Smith - - 555-555-1212

In addition, we can also import existing session and package information! To do this, we need some type of report, spreadsheet or records showing which clients have WHAT remaining. For example:

Joe Smith - 5 sessions of Hot Yoga - Expires 5/30/23

Depending on what previous software you were using, you may be able to obtain this data.

Read here for obtaining client/session data from other software services such as Mindbody, Zen Planner, etc.

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