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Why have my SMS notifications been turned off?

You may encounter this message when viewing your notification settings in your personal profile: 


If you see this message this means that the mobile phone number connected to your account has been unsubscribed from messages. Text notifications from Fitli can be turned off either by updating your notifications settings in your personal profile or by responding to the notification with the word STOP. When someone responds to a text from Fitli and indicates that they would like to unsubscribe, we have an obligation to comply with their request.

This means that when the system receives an unsubscribe request, Fitli will automatically override your existing notification settings to turn all text notifications OFF and the above message will display. 

To turn your notifications back ON, you will need to text START in response to the notification text OR you can text START to 650-446-7093. To stop messages from Fitli, just respond with STOP.

How to restart or stop your text messages:


Once you re-authorize the phone number to receive text notifications from Fitli, you will still need to go back into your Personal account notifications and re-configure your text notification settings by rechecking the 'Text' box next to the messages you'd like to receive.


Once you complete both steps, you should begin to see text notifications again. 

That's it! If you still have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us at support@fitli.com

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