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Will I be receiving a 1099-K from Fitli for my business?

Did you process enough online payments this tax year to incur requiring a 1099-K?  If so, we'll be in touch - or, reach out to us and we can help.

Typically, the requirement is OVER 200 transactions AND $20k in payments/transaction volume.  If you didn't do that in the last year, you won't be receiving a 1099-K from us.

To see what you paid in fees last year, head to your Sales Report.  Click on 'Custom' for the date range, then choose the time frame (typically 1/1/xx-12/31/xx).  Then 'export' the report and you'll see the following:

Gross Sales - Your total sales Processing Fees - Our processor's CC fees Net Settlement - What's been settled into your bank account


To check some of the requirements for online businesses accepting payments from the IRS, click HERE.

Please contact us here at support@fitli.com if you have questions.