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I just signed up with Fitli, now what do I do?

First off, welcome to Fitli! We're an online marketplace for fitness studios, gyms, Pilates/Yoga studios, dance, massage and physical therapy businesses. If it can help you get fit, relax or get your mind and body in shape, we're it.

Now that you've signed up with Fitli, you're probably looking to book an appointment, schedule a class or take a session with a trainer. Here's how!

Step 1: Login to your Account

Login to your Fitli account HERE, or at https://app.fitli.com/login/auth


Step 2: View your Faves

Head to the 'Book Activity' section of your Personal Fitli account.  Click 'My Businesses' on the left to view your favorite businesses, if you have any.


Step 3: Search for Businesses

If you don't have any favorite businesses yet, you can search for them!  Click 'Find a Business' on the left, then use the search tool to look for businesses by name or location.


Step 4: Choose a Business

Choose a business you're interested in, and click 'View Schedule' to view their class schedule.


Step 5: View the Schedule and Choose a Class

Finally, view the calendar for a selected studio, and make a selection! Either click on the class name or use the search selections/pulldowns at the top menu to narrow down or filter your choices. You can also use the arrows at the top left to jump from one schedule to another or the buttons at the top right to change your view to day, week, month or list.


 Step 6: Pick a Class and Book

Choose a class from the schedule, click into it to view the trainer's information, the class description, and then, if you love it - click the 'BOOK' button at the right.


 Step 7: Choose a payment method

If you have an existing balance/session, you can book using your balance. All you need to do is to click 'Confirm'. If you're a new client, you'll be prompted to sign up with either the drop-in rate (if one is available), or to purchase a package or membership.  Choose a payment option from the screen similar to the one below.


Step 8: Enter your Payment Information

Enter your credit card information in the secure box shown below and hit Next.  If you have a promotion code, enter it first on the promo code field, click 'Apply' and 'Next'.


Step 9: Confirm your Payment Method and Book your Class or Appointment!

Once you've entered a method of payment, this final screen, shown below, will confirm the details of your payment choice and the total amount.  Clicking 'Confirm' will charge your credit card and book you into your class!


CONFIRMATION and REMINDER: After clicking 'Confirm', you'll get an email to your inbox summarizing the charge to your account and the purchase of either a single class, or the purchase of a package/membership. This email counts as your receipt, so don't delete it! 

How to Book an Appointment:

To book an appointment or one-on-session, go to the business' public calendar and hit the 'Appointments' button at the top menu.

Note: Not all businesses have the Appointments feature activated. This means that you won't see the Appointments button. Either they only do group classes or they prefer to do the booking for you. If this is the case, you'd need to contact them directly.


 On the appointment screen, select the service you want to sign up for, choose your instructor, select the date you want on the calendar, then pick a time.

Note: You can click the arrow at the top right of the calendar at the right side to advance or forward on the calendar. 


You'll the be directed to the 'Make Purchase' screen where you can sign up with either the drop-in rate (if one is available), or to purchase a package or membership (if you don't have an account balance or your existing package is not applicable to the session). Choose a payment option, enter your payment method (if you don't have one saved), then confirm your payment.

Now, you're booked into your first class/appointment!  From here, you can continue booking if you purchased a package/membership, or search for other businesses to book with. 

Don't forget, 24 hours prior to your class or appointment, we'll send you a reminder so you aren't late. Have fun!

That's about it! If you have other questions, comments or concerns, feel free to chat with us at fitli.com or send us an email at support@fitli.com or contact the business directly.