Step 6: Book a Customer Into a Class, Make a Purchase

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We're almost there! You've created your services, made packages, added customers, gotten familiar with your reports, now you're ready to add a customer to a class! Let's do it!

Step 1: Head to the Calendar and click on a Class.

Head back to the Calendar, and click on one of the classes we created in Step 3 - Adding Classes to Your Calendar.


Once you click on a created class, you'll open to the "Session Profile" page. In the bottom left corner of the Session Profile page, you'll see an "+Add Participant" button.

Step 2: Choose the Client to Add.

Click the "+Add Participant" button to be taken to your Customers list. From here, choose the client you want to add into the class.


Choose the client from your list you want to add and click the "+add to session" link next to their name. 



Step 3: Select a Payment Option.

Now that you've chosen a client to add, the Fitli system tries to determine if the client has an existing package or membership to use for the booking. If not (and in this case, they don't as they are a new customer), you enter the payment process.

The first step of the payment process, shown below, gives you the option to select payment via either the Drop-In Price (shown in the top payment section), or the Package/s purchase price. In this example, let's choose the Drop-In Price of $20.00.



Step 4: Choose Payment Method.

After choosing the Drop-In Price of $20.00, the Fitli system asks you to decide on several payment details, including any promotion codes and the method of payment (wallet, cash, check, etc). Note that ONLY businesses get the option to choose a payment type other than "Wallet" (credit/debit card or bank account) - clients only see the card/bank account option. 

Note that you and your clients will only see the option to pay using bank account during the purchase flow if you activated ACH payments on the payment processing page.

In addition, if you turned on sales tax for the service, it will be automatically calculated and added to the total price, similar to the one below. To know more about sales tax, click HERE.


You can enter a promotion code (we created this in an earlier step), click APPLY and choose the payment type using the "Payment Source" pulldown menu. If you select "Wallet", you will need to enter the client's payment method (card/bank account). Note that after an initial purchase via card/bank account, we save the client's payment details securely in our processors' secure vault so you don't have to enter it again!

Note that you'll only see the option to add your client's bank account and accept ACH payments once you've activated this feature on the payment processing page.




If you select a payment type other than "Wallet", you'll be asked to enter a note or choose the amount of cash tendered.




Once you're happy with what you've selected on this payment method, click NEXT at the bottom to continue to the Payment Summary Screen.

Step 5: Payment Summary Screen.

On this Payment Summary screen, you can see a summary of the payment type chosen, the total payment amount, who the purchase is for and what class the purchase is for. At the bottom, to process the payment, click CONFIRM, and the payment will be processed!

You'll also note the "I accept the waiver" link highlighted. As you remember from the "Admin" setup portion of this guide, you decided whether or not to turn on a waiver required link for the clients to accept. Here's where it shows up! You can accept the waiver for your clients (useful if they have already signed a waiver in person), or leave it unchecked to have it displayed to the user the next time they make a purchase.


Once you process the purchase, the client will receive an email notifying them of the purchase and payment (their receipt) and the purchase will show up in your Sales Report.

Step 6: Payment Completed!

That's it! As you can see in the screen below, you've completed the purchase, and the client has been booked into the class you chose. You now have the option to use Quick Booking to book the client into another session/class, depending on if you purchased a single session or package for the customer (you may have to complete the purchase process again if you only chose the drop-in purchase price). Click CLOSE.



You've now got some next steps - continue to finish filling out the rest of your Services, Packages, add your customers, and get booking!

If you need to book a set up call follow up, click HERE.

Great work, and good luck booking, scheduling and accepting payments with Fitli! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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