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Can I book classes past my Unlimited, auto-renewing package date?

Are you a customer/client and have purchased an unlimited, auto-renewing membership or pass? Your membership gives you access to book for the entire month your membership is active!

And NOW, you can book an extra month into the future, setting up those class and appointment bookings for 1 month ahead of time. No more waiting until your membership renews to book - we know you're such great customers that we're letting you book ahead of time. But again, this is only if you're on an automatic, renewing membership. Another good reason to upgrade your membership!

Note: The site won't allow you to book if your unlimited, auto-renewing membership failed to renew. This normally happens if your card on file has expired, does not have enough funds, you've entered an invalid postal code, etc etc. Make sure your payment info is up to date to continue your membership uninterrupted. If you need to update your payment information, click HERE. Alternatively, you can contact your business so they can update it for you.

Any questions? Contact your business or support@fitli.com