Getting Started With Fitli - Let's Go!

2 min. readlast update: 11.22.2023

Welcome to Fitli and hello!  You've taken a big step in moving your business into the realm of online booking - whether you are coming from another software program or transitioning from pen and paper records - we're here to help and make you successful!

We're here to be your guide through the process of getting started with Fitli - from setting up your account to creating your classes, memberships, adding customers and processing payments.

This getting started guide will walk you through each step of the account setup process - you can do this on your own, or, in combination with a guided walk through from our dedicated Customer Support team.

Follow the steps in the guide and work through each area, completing the steps to get your account setup.  Once there, your account will be ready for launch and we can get you up and running - booking, taking payments and scheduling clients!  At any time, you can use the chat feature in the bottom right to talk with us or email us at

SETUP Steps - About 1 Hour Total

INTRO - Get familiar with Fitli (5 Minutes)

Step 1 - Configure your business in the 'Admin' section (30 Minutes)

Step 2 - Create your Services and Packages (15 Minutes)

Step 3 - Add your Services (classes and appointments) to your Schedule/Calendar (15 Minutes)

Step 4 - Add your Clients or have us Import your Customer list (time varies)

Step 5 - Understanding Your Reports (10 Minutes)

Step 6 - Book a Customer Into a Class, making your first Purchase! (5 minutes)

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