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Fitli Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

 Hello and welcome to Fitli! We're excited that you're getting started, and you may have some questions. If so, you've come to the right place. Please review our frequently asked questions here, and if you don't find what you're looking for, create a support ticket and one of our customer service agents will be happy to help. 

Support Options - "What support options do you offer for Fitli business customers and personal clients?"

Great question! We offer some of the industry's leading Customer Support (check out our 5 star ratings on Capterra!), and offer support options including:

  • Telephone (M-F, 9-5 CST). Some limited weekend support options are available, typically by prearrangement.
  • Live Chat - In the bottom right corner of the Fitli.com site, you'll see a blue circle with a chat bubble - click and start chatting, we'll respond as soon as possible!
  • Help Desk - Includes this FAQ, and help articles on most areas/sections of the site.
  • Email Support - Email us anytime at support@fitli.com - Our typical email response time is less than 30 minutes during the week, and frequently on weekends!


How much does Fitli cost?  How is the pricing determined? Fitli's membership pricing is determined based on the number of 'business users' (think instructors, trainers, owners, etc) that you have active on your account.  For some businesses, this means they are a solo owner running their own studio (1 account), for others, they have multiple trainers/instructors/professionals teaching (larger studio).  Our pricing structure can be found here on our pricing page.

I'm having problems with the iOS app - how do I fix it? We've recently released a new version of the app, make sure you have the latest release from the App Store.

If you find the app crashing at launch, try this fix.  Delete the Fitli app entirely, then re-download it. This should fix any issues!


If the issue persists, make sure that your iOs version is up to date. If not, download and install the latest version. Then, delete the Fitli app and re-download it.

I just downloaded the iOS app and want to schedule a class!

Are there any long term or minimum contracts with Fitli?

Fitli offers monthly and annual contract membership options, including a Free, 30-day Trial membership! You may cancel anytime, without any questions and you won't be billed for the next period.  If you are billed and decide to cancel - you can cancel for a full refund within 1 business day.

How do I signup for an account?

  • You can signup for a new Personal account through either our website at www.fitli.com or via our iOs app. For our Professional and Business accounts, you can manage your schedule by signing up via www.fitli.com.

What are the differences between a Personal, Professional and Business account?

At Fitli, we have three different account types:

  • Personal accounts are for individuals who are looking to signup for classes or events with a business or trainer.
  • Professional accounts are for those people whose jobs are personal trainers, coaches, therapists, etc.
  • Business accounts are for companies in the business of training others to become fit! If you know which type of account you're looking for, sign up now! Or, if you have more questions, schedule a demo or check out the site.

How do I verify my email?

  • We no longer require your email address to be verified. During the signup process, we prompt you to enter your personal email twice, reducing the chances it's entered incorrectly. This should both protect your privacy and help reduce the roadblocks to signing up for a new account!  You can also reset your password in case you're having problems.

Why do you need some of my personal information?

  • Here at Fitli, we use some of the personal information you provide to match you up with the best fitness professionals in the business! Be assured that we don't sell or market any of your personal information to any business you haven't specifically signed up with or scheduled a class with. After you schedule a class, we'll send them your contact information so you can be booked in their class. Later, during the account signup process, you can add in as much or as little personal information as you'd like. If you have any questions or other concerns about your information, you can read our Terms of Service or email us with questions.

How do I use Fitli and what can I do?

  • Read here on Using Fitli and how to access your personal schedule and find more great businesses!

How can I reset my password, I can't log in? Help!

  • If you've forgotten your Fitli password, head to the login page, and click the "?" in the password box. Then, enter your email address and we'll send you a message to reset your password! If you are still having problems, contact us at support@fitli.com and we'll help!

Reset your Password

How can I tell how many sessions I have left with business "Business Name?"

  • If you're a customer and want to know how many 'sessions' you have left with a business, you can check the 'Account Balance' section of your profile on the web, or the 'Session Bank' section on the mobile app!


Does Fitli offer a free trial for businesses, how about for clients/customers?

Fitli is ALWAYS free for clients and customers. For businesses, we offer a 30-Day FREE TRIAL, the length depends on what special we're offering. Check out our Pricing Page for the current offers!

What forms of payment does Fitli accept? Are my payments secure?

  • Fitli provides payment processing for businesses in several forms - You (as a business) can accept checks, cash, credit cards or debit cards (most major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc). Our secure payment processor supports Lvl 1 PCI compliance and Fitli provides industry-standard payment encryption via SSL and HTTPS security. Your credit card payments are secure, but as with any website, make sure you protect your secure login and don't enter or save personal information on a public computer. If you have any questions, email support@fitli.com

Credit Card Security

What are auto-renews? When do I get charged again?

  • Fitli provides businesses and customers with ways to auto-renew their memberships at selected time periods (typically 30 days or monthly). If you have questions regarding the auto-renew process, please contact your business or studio.

How can I dispute a credit card charge?

  • If you have a question/concern with a credit card charge or payment, please contact your business. Typically, we can resolve any questions with a review of your credit card history, or make adjustments to your account. If you are unable to resolve your issue, please contact support@fitli.com

How can I change my credit card on file with Fitli?

  • To change the credit card on file with Fitli, login and visit the "Account" page, then choose, "Personal Billing". Once there, select "Change payment method" to enter your new/updated credit card information. This information is entered securely over our SSL/HTTPS connection to our credit card processor to ensure you'll enjoy uninterrupted service with your studio!

Add or Update your Credit Card

How will I know when I've been charged?

  • When you are either charged on an auto-renew or make an initial purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email with the details of your credit card transaction. Each time your card is charged or a payment is made, you'll receive an update.


Why isn't my business showing up in a search of businesses in my area?

  • Make sure you have the "Profile is viewable and searchable" button selected to "YES". This page is found under "Admin" -> "Business Profile", at the top of the page. By default, upon signing up, this flag is set to off. Once you're ready for your business to go live on Fitli, just turn it 'On', and current and new customers will be able to find your business when searching!

How to make my business viewable in searches?

Can I add my business calendar to my website?

  • Yes! You can 'embed' your Fitli business calendar on your business website, whether you're on Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, or any other hosted provider. Click here to get instructions on embedding your business calendar.

What's the difference between a service and a package? How do I know what is which?

  • Think of it this way; Services are individual items, like Yoga or Pilates classes, and Packages are groups of items, like punch cards or monthly memberships.

Learn more about Services / Packages

How can I change/update the credit card on file for a customer?

  • As a business, you've got two options for updating a customer's credit card. One - you can use the 'Customer' feature on your business account to make a purchase for a customer, then, update their credit card information when taken to the billing page. This is typically done when a customer is there at your studio, in person, or over the phone with their permission.
  • Two, you can refer your customers to login, visit their Account page, and update their credit card in the billing section.

Can I refund a client's purchase?  How do I do that? Yes!  Although we prefer to give session or package credits, we can complete refunds in a simple one-step process.

Braintree: Requesting Client Refunds

USIO: Client Refunds and Voids


What are Appointments and how do they work?

  • Appointments are just like what they sound like, 1 on 1 sessions scheduled with a single client, for a time length you determine, with a specific professional. They're great for individual client sessions, personal training, one-on-one's, anything where you have a client that wants personal attention.

Learn more about Appointments

How do I set up Appointments as a Business?

  • There are a few things you'll need to get your business up and running, including your business hours, each professional's schedule, and a list of each of your 'services' and how long they last (30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc). Then, in "Admin" -> "Appointment Configuration", turn on the ability to book appointments. That's it! From there, you can add appointments to your business calendar, and clients can book private 1-on-1 appointments with your professionals!

Setting up your Business Appointments configuration

Q - How do I book an appointment as a business or a customer?

A - Guide to Booking Appointments

Q -I'm trying to schedule an appointment, but the correct time slot doesn't appear (I'm a professional), why?

A - Adding Time Slots to Available Appointments

Other questions, comments or suggestions? Search our help desk or email us anytime at support@fitli.com

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